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New Work in the Store

I have been slowly adding new pieces to the website store and removing all that have sold. In addition, custom orders are getting filled that were placed this fall. The store was turned off while I was traveling. This is a one person shop, and there was not any way to ship orders from the website while I was having fun in Italy!

The Waterfall Scarf in Gray and Navy is a new color combination that came about from a custom order. The colors are striking. While I had all the fabric out on my cutting table, I cut pieces for two sizes. Above is the full size Waterfall Scarf that measures 55" long. The smaller version is about 30" long and works well for Petites.

These are exceptionally unique handwoven scarves in that the untrimmed edges suggest the overspray of mighty waterfalls. As with many of my pieces, there is a Northwest story behind the work.

These scarves combine innovation, texture, and style to create a unique and stunning scarf that tells a story about the mighty waterfalls on the Oregon Coast.

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