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Cloth, Philosophy, and Coats

Wearable art is a moving, functional canvas that goes out into the world. These projects are always more than just garments. Each coat has a story behind it of a view, the ocean, or the landscapes that have soaked into my creativity. The result is a garment that will tell that story wherever it goes.

A handwoven coat in deep blue with element suggesting river currents.
"Currents" Coat

The new "Currents" Coat is a philosophy of "let the water flow around  the rocks."

Decoding the work by The Oregon Weaver

Below are the images I submitted to juried art fairs. The criteria is to show a consistent body of work, that is unique and shows mastery. This is always a tall order, and even with my best effort, the work does not always get chosen.

Let me share insights into these garments.

  1. The Waterfall Scarf with the Hooded Shawl is a signature piece. The scarf thinks outside of the box of what a handwoven scarf can look like, and it tells a story of the mighty waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest. It also shows my process with the untrimmed ends representing the overspray of mighty waterfalls. The Fog Gray palette draws from my landscape.

  2. The Currents Coat has edging that represents the river currents. The inset pieces represent the water changing direction. The color depicts deep water.

  3. The New Red Threads Coat has edge details that show the weaver's process. As the shuttle is emptied, the yarn is left at the edge. These became a small design element seen on the back of the coat.

  4. The High Desert Coat has pintuck details in the border that suggest the mountains seen in the Oregon High Desert. The palette is drawn from the landscape of the high desert.

  5. The New Green Threads Jacket uses the added design elements on both sides of the fabric and the drape for a jacket that is easy to wear. Oregon has many shades of Green to inspire the palette.

  6. The Cotton Clouds Coat maximizes the drape of the fabric in this classic shape. The fabric looks white, but a closer look reveals a spicy array of Summer colors.

Another element of my work is that I want the garments to be interesting close up and from a distance. Wherever the work goes, it will tell a story.

Find me at upcoming shows listed on the website.

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