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Help me choose four!

Could you help me choose four images? It is application time for shows, and they want to see our most recent work. I have not had a photo shoot since the Pandemic. That meant I needed to find a photographer, a studio, and a model to work with. I worked hard in December to create a rack of new garments and designs with an application deadline hanging over me. A garment on a hanger is one thing, but I know that my work is not complete until it is actually on the human form. Then the fabric can drape and the garment shape can show. Capturing that depends heavily on a good photographer and model. Bob Gibson at was willing to work with me. Seven of the images below were the result of that four-hour photo shoot.

Now, I feel too close to the work to be objective and am unable to decide which are the four best images to use in the show application.

Please click on each image and tell me your favorites. There is a number and title with each. I would love to see what you would choose.

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