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How would you portray your creative process?

It starts with color. I design a colorway and plan for 100 yards. From this warp, I can create different fabrics that are related to each other by the warp colors. Once the fabric is off of the loom, it is washed and dried. The fulling process allows the fabric to bloom. I roll the fabric out on my 8-foot cutting table and determine where to layout the pattern pieces. Sometimes, stripes are at one end of the yardage for the yoke of a jacket, but the sleeves must be cut at the other end of the yardage. The pattern pieces are of my own design. I assess the variables in my customer’s figure and adjust the pattern for a custom fit. I design for real women of all shapes and sizes. Follow the BLOG to read about influences to the creative process.

What can you share about how you see colors?

The scarves and shawls I weave are warped by hand on a warping board. Color thoughts stream from my mind/eye/brain to my hands as each thread is measured out. The color transitions blend across the warp in a painterly way. It takes longer to wind a warp this way, but it allows me to build a color story. Sourcing materials is the hardest part of my process. I search for quality materials and for color, too. Many family owned mills in this country are now closed. I have learned how to achieve the color I want by using small threads side by side to achieve the color depth I require.

Learn how artist Karen Gelbard creates the multi-faceted colors that make up her beautiful textured fabrics.

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