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Why wear handwoven?

There something magical about fabrics made on a loom. It is a slow, thoughtful process. Ideas and inspiration are woven into creating the finished cloth. The threads on the looms resonate with color harmonies as they tell a story drawn from where I live or places I have seen. My studios are on the Oregon Coast, a magical place unto itself. Wind and water inspire textures and colors for my fabrics. Wherever these fabrics go, they will tell a Northwest story.

Why wear handwoven?

Handwoven fabrics can influence people in a positive way.

The Stories

My customers come back to tell me stories of wearing their handwoven jackets. One story was of a young woman going for a job interview. She wore my Classic Jacket in a color that complimented her red hair. She was nervous about the interview but looked her best. The beautiful jacket made a statement of “I look professional and unique. I am an independent thinker.”

She came back the next day to see me.

She got the job!

Quite by chance, another customer mentioned she was a clinical psychologist and that she was purchasing a second jacket because they helped her in her work. I learned that the color and texture of the handwoven fabrics had a calming effect on otherwise hostile clients.

Other testimonials were from women who wore their handwoven jackets while campaigning for political office.Their constituents perceived them to be approachable and friendly. These women went on to win their election campaigns.

As the handweaver and designer, it brings great satisfaction to witness my clients uplifted by the right color and flattering fit. The jackets, coats and scarves take a long time to create by hand, but they will last a lifetime. These pieces become go-to wardrobe choices. Whether it is a One-of a Kind piece or Classic, my client knows they will look their best and that the fabrics will have a positive effect on people around them.

Photo credit: www.TearSheetPDX .com Model: Gigi Gillie

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