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New Designs

I have been working on new designs this Fall, with a focus on collars. Tearsheet PDX magazine asked if I was interested in a photo shoot. Work in my studio went into high gear to be ready. Now the November Issue is published and six of my images were included. (Happy dance!) It is always an honor to have the opportunity to work with Tearsheet PDX magazine.

TearSheet PDX - Nov 2021 - Issue # 35 is Published!

There is talk of a Special Edition being published that will be the best of our photoshoot. Working with the team is a creative process for these events. I learn something each time.

If you are interested in a copy, it can be purchased at

Many thanks to model, Oksana Bell, for all of her poise and energy, and many thanks to Tearsheet PDX magazine for making the magic happen.

MODEL: Oksana Bell

DESIGNS: The Oregon Weaver

STYLING: Illusions by Melanie

PHOTO: New Illusions Photo

Now I will get busy and upload the new work to the website. See you there.

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