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Behind the scenes of a photoshoot

Last month, Melanie Jackson of TearSheet PDX magazine asked me if I was interested in having a photoshoot of my new work. She knew that I had been working away at some new coat and jacket designs. My theme was “It’s going to be a collars-turned-up kind of season.” I have been exploring some new collars designs and enjoying it. Just the mention of a photoshoot put work in the studio into high gear. Could I create 12 new pieces in time?

There is a lot of planning that goes into a photoshoot. In addition to creating brand new pieces, accessories were created, too. A room is rented, photography equipment is setup, a model is secured and the rolling racks are moved from the van into the room. What to wear with the new collection had to be considered. The model comes ready to work with hair, makeup and nails done. She also brings her own garments and shoes as possible pieces to work with the new collection. More importantly, she comes with poses that take hours of practice. She manages to make these poses look effortless. The photographer sets up the lighting and the camera/computer. This is harder than you might think. My fabric absorbs a lot of light. To capture the color and detail takes some work. The camera is synced to the computer, too. At this point, the photographer choreographs or directs the “look”. The model responds to the cues and the magic begins to happen.

All of this requires teamwork, hard work, stamina and good humor. Many thanks to TearSheet PDX and model, Oksana Bell, for once again, making the magic happen.

Next month, look for a Special Edition of the magazine from this shoot at Soon, I will have this new collection on the website, too.

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