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A Garden Tale

Many of you, dear readers, may recall that I started a garden with straw bales this year. I used my old art fair tent and fenced it in to keep the deer out. Now it is October, most of the vegetables are harvested and frost warnings have begun. There are a few late season beets and herbs growing and a few Fall flowers. I noticed a white pot tipped over. Twice I picked it up and set it upright again. Then I noticed that there was a new resident in the garden. Several of the straw bales have tunnels! A critter is making a winter home. They have placed one tunnel below the beets, obviously to have the beets hanging from their ceiling for a quick meal. The tipped over white pot seems to be storage for unharvested potatoes. The compost pile is nearby which must be the equivalent to their grocery store. I have no clue yet who has taken up residence except for chew marks on the golden beets. My conclusion is that cold weather is here. I am headed to the sewing studio this morning to work on a new collection of coats.

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