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New Skills and Three Shows

The August and September calendar pages are full. Not only do I have 3 upcoming shows, but I am going to study Jacquard weaving this fall. I continue to pursue new technology to use with my weaving and designing skills.

What is that? Well, the Jacquard loom uses punch cards to create elaborate designs

The Jacquard loom is a loom developed in the early 1800s that used a series of punch cards to control weave operations. It is named for Joseph Marie Jacquard, its inventor, and is considered part of the historical chain of progress toward modern computing operations.

In preparation for this, I am exploring tessellations, or designs that work in a repeat pattern. Paper, pencils, tape and scissors are scattered across my work table as I explore new design techniques for this upcoming class. Eventually, I turn to a computer program to quickly put these designs into a repeat across the page.

I will share more about this textile adventure later. First, let's talk about the upcoming shows!


August 20 - 21, 2022 The Nestucca Valley Artisans Festival, Sat and Sun, 10-5, Kiawanda Community Center, 34600 Cape Kiawanda Dr., Pacific City, OR. The Nestucca Valley Artisans is a group of local artists who are having their 28th Annual Art Festival in Pacific City, OR. This is my home town and it is a delight to be returning to this show.

September 3 -5, 2022 Art in the Pearl, Portland, OR

September 9 -11, 2022 St. Louis Art Fair, St. Louis, MO

Be sure to have a QR Code reader on your phone or Snapchat. Using this technology, I will be able to share the inspiration for the Waterfall Scarves. I look forward to seeing you soon!

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