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Handwoven Textiles ~ Florence to Perugia, Italy

Tomorrow is the start of our textile adventure! We signed up with The Tour Studio for a five day hands -on workshop in Jacquard weaving and visits to handwoven textile studios and exclusive fabric houses in Florence, regional Umbria and Perugia. Yesterday, the airlines cancelled one leg of our trip between Amsterdam and Rome. After several phones calls to Delta Airlines, our trip was re-routed to Portland, New York, then Rome. Whew! Traveling teaches one to be flexible.

I am trying hard to only take a carry-on bag for this three week trip. It will be a small miracle if the bag closes.

Antico Setificio Fiorentino is one place we will visit. Textiles are one way of recording history of a time and place. The materials, tools, and craftsmanship all tell stories. I have a deep respect for these textile traditions. Below is a video that starts by saying that "silk is more than a fabric."

Tuesday will find us in Rome. I promise to post pictures and adventures.

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