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Dress forms are starting to fill up my studio!

Each of these dress forms is waiting for a new garment. If you are wondering what the excitement is all about,

April 29 - June 19, 2022

are the dates for my upcoming exhibit at the Fiber Arts Studio in the Lincoln City Cultural Center, Lincoln City, OR.

I am accumulating dress forms for the exhibit because I feel strongly that these garments need the human form to be complete. Hangers can be nice for display, but they lack sculptural dimension.

Two years ago, I plunged into finding ways to show my garments in motion since all shows had been canceled. The style magazine, Tearsheet PDX, published my work and from those images I created short videos to show the garments in motion. Those videos now reside in my YouTube channel. This year, I am having an exhibit of my work with stories about the work. For those of you too far away to come see the show, I am planning on making a video of the exhibit. Once again, technology will help bring it all to you. I am crossing my fingers that with a help of a tech-savvy friend we will be able to create a very special virtual runway piece, too.

Apparently, The Oregon Weaver now has a budding digital division.

As the event gets closer, I will send you an invitation by Zoom, directions to the gallery and an invitation to attend the opening.

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