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Change of Plans

The plan was to return to art fairs this fall. I have been packing the van, making new inventory and re-designing my art fair booth in anticipation of traveling to 2021 art fairs. Those plans have now changed.

In order to minimize the risk to myself and my family, I must wait a little longer to return to art fairs. This has been a hard decision.

I am a creative person, looking for a solution to this situation. I have spent the past year learning how to go "Virtual". Now, it is time to use those skills. If you are interested, I will put my booth up in the backyard with all of the new inventory and meet with you by Zoom. If you have hesitations about visiting your favorite art fair, maybe, this will work for you, too. Either way, hearing from you will help keep my spirits up.

Let me know if you are interested:


Subject line: I am interested!

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