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A "Virtual Try-On "with your smart phone

Want to try on the Ruffled Edge Collar?

I have been learning new ways to bring my garments to you virtually. It is good to have friends in the AR world. Ger Killeen is a poet and creator of augmented reality for art and literature. He has opened my eyes to new ways of viewing my garments in motion. He has very generously shared a Snap Chap filter and QR code with me that lets you try on the Red and Black Ruffled Edge Collar. He is a wiz with technology like this. What fun!

Method 1. Download Snap Chat to your phone. Open Snap Chat . Take a picture of the filter with the Snap Chat camera. Your camera lens needs to be reversed, or looking at you. (Upper right corner rectangular icon with arrows). Click the big white circle in the bottom of the screen. Your image with the Ruffled Edge Collar will appear!

Method 2. Download a QR code app. Point the camera at it. Click on the website address. This opens in Snap Chat. With your camera facing you, the Ruffled Edge Collar appears on you! I actually found this method easier for some reason.

Have fun and welcome to the virtual world.

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