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Website with views of the Oregon Coast

I am starting 2022 off with a new website that has views of the Oregon Coast and makes shopping easier. Browsing through the site will give you a glimpse into the landscape that inspires me.

I was fortunate to actually meet my Wix website designer, Yakup Trana, in person when he was visiting the Oregon Coast. Having an opportunity to share my home, studio and beloved Oregon Coast added to his understanding of where I live and how it shows in my work. He took several of the landscape images used on the website while on his trip down the coast. It has been an exceptionally good collaborative effort. We wanted to create a sense of place through the use of images that is the story behind the work. From the technical side, this site uses the latest responsive tools to fit different device sizes. For more on that, please consult Yakup at

Stories behind the Work, April 29 - June 19

In April, I am having an exhibit and sale of my work at the Lincoln City Cultural Center Fiber Arts Studio, 540 NE Hwy. 101, Lincoln City, OR. The theme will be "Stories behind the Work" with several pieces from each Collection on display. Opening reception will be April 29. We are making plans for a virtual reception as well.

In addition to the April exhibit, on May 20-22 , I will be there with my inventory and a few select sale pieces as part of the annual "Art on the Edge" Studio Tour. There will be more inventory and I will be on site to answer your questions and show videos of my studio.

Masks are required in the building.

The most exciting event in my weaving studio is that I have finally converted my AVL production Dobby loom to E-Lift. It has taken months to get the parts, but now I have an electronic asset to raise the harnesses and take the load off of my bones. Adaptive engineering will enable me to keep on weaving. I am excited!

Thanks so much for following the news from my studio. Hopefully, this year, we can actually see each other again! Mention "E-lift" at a show to get a free Scarf Curl.

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