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Taking Care of the Wildlife

We are okay. Fires are burning in Oregon covering about a million acres. Cities are evacuating. Friends have lost their homes. Communities are finding ways of sharing news and donating supplies to those who have been displaced. The air is thick with smoke. This morning, the fog rolled in from the ocean which brought temperatures down. The forest is tinder dry, so the fog was a welcomed change from the east wind which made a pretzel out of my art fair booth in the backyard on Monday.

I awoke to find plants outside the fence in the garden stripped by the deer. I put buckets of water out overnight, and they were empty in the morning. Two fawns and two does are seeking shelter. I do not begrudge the pruning and will refill the buckets.

Tomorrow, I will broadcast from my studio indoors and join the St. Louis Art Fair by Zoom. Today, I will be taking care of things closer to home. The picture below should have a view of the ocean in the background but is obscured by smoke. Stay indoors. Stay safe. Stay in touch.

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