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Suddenly, there is a lot happening in May!

News from the studio includes:

1.Taking my big loom apart for an upgrade

2. StyleRight Blog Post by Influencer, Remanda Xiang

3. And workshops being offered over Zoom

My production AVL loom got an inspection this Spring and I discovered that it was time for some new parts. I can also admit that the weaver (me) needs some mechanical assistance to keep doing what I have done for so long. New parts were ordered for the loom and old parts where carefully re-tuned by local woodworker Michael Rech. I am so grateful to know a woodworker with his skills who understood the workings of the loom.

Remanda Xiang of the Blog post agreed to feature my work. Remanda is an Influencer with a large following. As a weaver-without-art-fairs, I am breaking new ground by using social media for exposure.

This past year I have learned how to make videos of my work and how to use Zoom. This coming week, I will be teaching workshops with the help of Zoom. I am offering classes on garment making ("Practicing Design Decisions or Finding your Inner Designer" and "Trash Bag Garment Design") in addition to a "Meet the Artist" PowerPoint Slide Show with videos. Everything seems to be falling in place as I wait for loom parts to arrive.

In addition to all this, I have also started another garden using the old art fair tent. I go out to the garden every morning and encourage the plants to grow. The garden makes me hopeful.

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