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Studio Sale

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Empty wooden hangers on a rack
Empty hangers stimulate new ideas. Wait and see.

June 16-18, 2023 will be my once-in-a-blue-moon SALE of select items during the Art on the Edge Studio Tour.

To see the sale items:

1. Check out the website and look for "Sale".

2. Come visit Art on the Edge Studio Tour in Lincoln City, OR. Don't be deterred by the construction around the building. We are there!

3. Visit by Zoom on Friday at 10 AM Pacific Time. Send an email to and receive a link for a live Zoom visit.

Sale items are $100, as is. Alterations and shipping are extra. Many of these sale items are listed on the website and are available now. Not all sale items are on the website.

Visit me at the Cultural Center to see everything. There will be pom-poms, fabric necklaces, elephant masks and fused glass buttons, too. The Studio Tour gives me an opportunity to offer fused glass buttons for sale by Sue Miller's Glassworks. She has been making beautiful fused glass buttons for me for several years. Need a special button? Come see what we have!

Stop by the Cultural Center to see all the items , visit the galleries, and just say "Hi!"

Why am I doing this? New work is developing and, once again, I really need some empty hangers!

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