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Feeling grateful

Fall garden with white pumpkin, hollyhocks and clematis .
Fall garden with white pumpkins, Hollyhocks, and Clematis.

I have returned home from the Midwest and three art fairs in a row. My neglected garden welcomed me with white blooming Clematis, tall Hollyhocks, and (surprise) white pumpkins on the trellis. I thought they would be much smaller!

I am profoundly grateful to each of you for following my textile journey and purchasing my work.

The Saint Louis Art Fair broke all of my records for sales. But it was a rocky start. My mirror broke and the electrical connection shorted out, which meant no lights or credit card processing. I reached out to a local artist with an SOS about the mirror. She made a heroic effort to find one and bring it to the fair. My neighbor loaned me an electrical cord plugged into a new socket and power was restored. Another artist friend came by and helped me adjust a tent leg. At the same time, I was mentoring two emerging artists. It was a good example of being flexible, knowing one's resources, having backups, and creative problem-solving. Artists are an amazing and supportive community! We try to be prepared for adverse conditions at art fairs. There is an unspoken code that we help each other. I am grateful for this wonderful community.

I have written before about needing empty hangers to get my creative juices flowing. I came home with many empty hangers and had a 2,000-mile drive to start planning the new collection. Once I am rested, the new work will begin. I have these coat ideas.....hmmm. Can't wait to get started! Follow along with the Blog posts, Facebook, website, or Instagram @karengelbard.

Thank you, again, for having wearable art in your life. Wear it often!

Your handweaver,


Empty hangers on a rack.
Empty Hangers

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