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It has been a quiet winter of reflection, rehabilitation, and learning. It spite of the cold, the daffodils and snowdrops are pushing through, which I find encouraging. I am making good progress with the new hip. Replacing it was unexpected. New surgery techniques and materials have made this experience rather remarkable.

I hope to be tap dancing soon, even though I couldn't before!

Prior to the surgery, I made an effort to get a new warp on the big loom. Fortunately, some of the muscle building therapy movements can be done while treadling the loom. It won't be long before new work is woven and the leg muscles are strengthened. Picture me as integrated with the machine, manual and mechanical, weaving away.

Shows and Events are now on the calendar. Click on the highlighted link to see the schedule. The first one for the year will be the charitable fundraiser, RAGS Wearable Art Show and Sale.

RAGS is an annual opportunity to enjoy and purchase garments, jewelry, and accessories from local talented artists and designers while supporting the YWCA mission of ending domestic violence in Pierce County, Washington. Each year, artists in the show donate 33% of their proceeds to the YWCA Pierce County as a way to continue supporting empowering services for those surviving intimate partner violence in our community.

The annual event is supported and run by the volunteers in our RAGS Guild and hosted at Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma in Fife, WA. Help make our show and the work of the YWCA possible by attending, volunteering, and making purchases or donations at the event.

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