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Find your favorite art fair on the web. With the recent turn of events, many scheduled shows have worked hard to create on-line virtual art fairs. In a short amount of time, shows in your community got creative and put together a brand new way to visit your community art fair.

Please find a way to support your favorite artists through visiting these virtual art fair events. Let us know that you have come to see us! Chat, Zoom, YouTube, text or e-mail, we would love to hear from you!

My upcoming shows and Live interview are listed below.

September 26-27 Website Peoria Art Guild Virtual Art Fair 2020 Modern times call for modern solutions. That's why we've worked hard to take our Art Fair VIRTUAL! Stay indoors and explore the digitized realm featuring one of the top NATIONALLY RANKED art fairs. Visit to learn more about the fair, the artists participating, and get your special invitation to the 2020 Peoria Art Guild Virtual Fine Art Fair! September 11-13 Website The Oregon Coastal Art Talks September 27, noon, Pacific Standard Time A Virtual Art Fair: Karen Gelbard Join our Zoom conversation with Pacific City artist, Karen Gelbard, as she tours her backyard art fair booth and shares her experience with Virtual Art Fairs.

October 2- December 19, 2020 Website Historic Shaw (Virtual) Art Fair St. Louis, MO

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