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Art fairs, empty hangers and barcodes

A picture of my booth at an outdoor art fair
Art Fair Booth

It has been a while since I have shared news from the Studio. August and September were full of art fair activities. By mid-November, all of my custom orders were finished and in the mail. I drove home from the St. Louis Art Fair with many empty hangers in the van from art fair sales. Empty hangers have a way of inspiring new work. That means you can look forward to seeing new designs.

The website shopping cart has been turned back on. I sold so many pieces that were on the website that taking inventory and implementing barcodes was necessary. New items or restocked items will appear on The Oregon Weaver site soon. I promise.

Upon my return from being on the road, I was saddened to see that Abby the Tabby, my studio cat of almost 15 years, was suddenly ill. She has had a good life and has been the best studio cat. With Abby, I never needed a clock in the studio. She had a way of telling me when it was time to quit working. She would pester me until I finally put down my tools and scooped her up for the walk back to the kitchen. She was telling me it was time to stop and feed her. We are doing our best to keep her comfortable now. It has been a privilege to be her guardian.

A cat sleeping on the apron of a loom.
Abby the Tabby

One day I found her sleeping on the apron of the loom. She made us laugh with antics like that.

While at Art in the Pearl this year in Portland, OR, I was approached for an interview with"Create Whimsy", an online site that spotlights creative people and their stories. This interview will be launched in December on Facebook and Instagram, however, you may preview the Spotlight here:

During the pandemic, I realized that technology was the key to moving forward. By cross-posting, more people will be able to find my website, read my stories, and hopefully make a purchase. Although seeing and touching the artwork in person is the best way to experience it, getting familiar with the artist and their work can be done through the Internet. As an artist and small business owner, I have to wear many hats, and advertising my work is one of them. I hope that you enjoy the "Create Whimsy" website and the stories from other artists there as well. Please share it with your friends!

A picture of the University Club building in Portland, OR,
University Club

I have one more event to do in December. It will be a two-hour trunk show and luncheon at the University Club in Portland, OR.

Last but not least, I am a member of the Board for Art in the High Desert. We are working hard to bring together a spectacular show for you in August. More news on that soon!

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