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January upgrades

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

The new year starts with a busy January. I have completed converting my loom to an electronic assist and am having some repairs made to me, the weaver, as well. It took a year to upgrade the loom. Hopefully, the new hip will be a much shorter recovery!

Prior to surgery, I worked hard to get a new project on the loom. Having the loom waiting for me serves as a magic feather for recovery. See the short video below about the warping process.

For some insights into how I work, let me walk you through the process. I laid the coat pattern pieces out first. Then I calculated the lay out of the pattern pieces to conserve on fabric waste and made a map. Then the warp was wound to work with the mapped out coat project. For all of this to happen, I had to start with a vision in my head of the outcome. So, my quiet January times are actually quite busy!

The colors are complex creating a rich background. I am happy with the way it developed. It is an intuitive, painterly process of warping.

In addition to dreaming up new work and applying to shows, I am also serving on the board of Art in the High Desert. This is a juried show organized by artists dedicated to bringing back a top show.

Look for our return August 25-27, 2023 at the Deschutes County Expo Center in Redmond, OR.

We are back, and bringing you the best!



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