The Oregon Weaver

Handwoven Ruffled Edge Coat

Karen Gelbard, “The Oregon Weaver,” specializes in designing and producing custom handwoven jackets, coats and scarves woven on hand looms.

It begins by developing color ways with warp and weft inspired by the Pacific Northwest. There are often more than twenty different colors in any of these warps which add a richness and depth to the cloth. Once the fabric is woven and finished, I roll out the yardage on my cutting table. Then silver scissors flash and pattern pieces emerge. Serge, stitch, press. Pin, tuck and fold. Color, texture, shape and form grow into a handwoven garment. Wherever these garments go, they will tell an Oregon story.”

New Red Threads 2013 cropped_edited-2

Unique Designs from the Pacific Northwest