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  • Manzanita Coat
  • Manzanita Coat
  • Manzanita Coat
  • Manzanita Coat
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Manzanita Coat

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Second image is latest variation of this coat. It features princess lines in the bodice.

Manzanita Coat in Bracken Brown with border. 

The palette chosen was the following:

Seal Brown

Blackberry Jam

Salal Berry Red

Kelp Gold

The coastal landscapes are suggested with the inset border. The ruffled edges are drawn from the mollusks and lichens in all their diverse forms.

Where ever this coat goes, it will tell an Oregon story.

Materials: Rayon chenille, Cotton, Tencel, Bamboo. Artisan made fused glass buttons.

Dry Cleaning recommended.

Size: M

Bust 36”

Hips: 38”

Length: 41”

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