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  • Fog Gray Wool Coat
  • Fog Gray Wool Coat
  • Fog Gray Wool Coat
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Fog Gray Wool Coat

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Fog Gray Wool Coat with artisan-made fused glass buttons. 

"Let the Sheep Show" is the story behind these handwoven wool coats. The tufts of wool at the edge of the fabric show where the shuttle was emptied, and then reloaded. The ends were left hanging over the edge. This marks the progress of the weaver at the loom. I decided to leave these clues and feature them as a design element. 

This wool has a delightful spring to it that I like. Why wear wool? It is naturally temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking. It is sustainable, too. 

Size: Medium

Materials: Wool, cotton, Tencel, Bamboo

Dry Cleaning recommended.

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