the Scarves and Shawls Collection

Landscapes and Waterfalls  of Color

The scarf collection will change from season to season. These images represent what can be created. Scroll down to see the Scarves, Hooded Shawls and (new) Waterfall Scarves.

Oregon Weaver Scarf

River Rock Shawl

Oregon Weaver scarf

Deep Water Blues Shawl

Oregon Weaver Scarf

Dunes at Dusk Scarf

Oregon Weaver scarf

Spring Twigs Scarf

Oregon Weaver Scarf

Italian Collection

Visiting Italy provided an opportunity to bring home the vibrant colorways found there. The scarves are a record of the impressions Karen was left with.



Tuscan Sun Shawl

Oregon Weaver scarf

Venice Scarf

Oregon Weaver scarf

Stucco and Stone Scarf

Oregon Weaver scarf

Milan Scarf

Tuscan Sun Scarf from The Oregon Weaver

Tuscan Sun Scarf

Woven White Wine Scarf from The Oregon Weaver

Woven White Wine Scarf

The Hooded Shawl

This three-in-one hood, shawl or vest, when belted, is the perfect shoulder wrap for extra warmth.

Many colors available

Waterfall Scarves


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