Elephant Masks

I turned to mask making. It felt useful and there was a real need.The Covid-19 crisis had canceled all my art fair events. Meanwhile, I have professional quality sewing machines and am accustomed to production. How could I help? Mask patterns were downloaded from the web and I tried several of them before picking three, with small modifications of my own. Soon, my cutting table was covered with 100 masks for family and friends. As the pattern parts lay spread out, the shapes began to rearrange themselves on the table. I love my cutting table. Looking at yardage and visualizing what it will become is one of my skills. The curved masks looked like big ears. The Olson mask was a forehead and the pleated mask could be a trunk very easily. This glimmer of creativity was a good sign to an otherwise dark time. Five elephants masks came to life created from pattern pieces for Covid-19 masks.

TearSheetPDX magazine saw these masks and asked to shoot them for their award-winning magazine. They wanted to document social distancing and mask making. It will be fun to see the masks in the next issue of the magazine.

These five elephants have found new homes and will, hopefully, make the next Zoom meeting a bit more fun.


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