Early Days as a Weaver

1978 This photo shows me weaving my own hand-spun wool from local sheep on a 4-harness Harrisville Designs Loom which I assembled. The yarn was dyed with natural dyes using plants from Pacific City, OR.

Later, this fabric was made into a shirt in a pioneer style. That means basic rectangles and few seams. This shirt was donated to the local historical society which had an exhibit of early spinning wheels. I spent a few weekends there demonstrating on the Great Wheel after getting several of the wheels in working order.

Weavers were the first to be No-Waste designers. How to simplify construction of a garment with minimal waste was just practical. Many hours were already spent spinning and dyeing yarn then weaving fabric on a loom. This shirt project started my study of early garment designs. Photo credit: Goodwin Harding photographer. Taken as part of a CETA Grant project.


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