Stories behind the Work

Updated: Mar 4

There are 64 days until I install my exhibit at the Latimer Quilt and Textile Center. Part of this exhibit includes the "stories" behind the collections. One example is written below.

The Scarf and Shawl Collection shows how this weaver uses color in a painterly way. Many threads are used in the warp to suggest a mood or landscape. The "River Rock Shawl" is an example of a personal story connected to the work. There was a time after the death of my parents where it was difficult to walk into the studio and look at the colorful cones of yarn on the shelves. After repeated attempts, I finally starting reaching for cones and set them on the floor as a "color family." There was no black in the group of yarns. However, each color chosen was the most subdued on the spectrum. Thread by thread, the warp was wound with grief guiding the color choices. Hard to get silks, cottons, bamboo and ribbon yarns were used. A Dornick Twill pattern was chosen as a weaving draft because it resembled the wind hitting the water of the nearby Nestucca River. Both the colors in the warp and the pattern woven are connected to a place and a memory. Soon the series was dubbed "River Rock" as it also resembled the basalt rocks in the streams of the Oregon Coast.

Photo by Kendra Barber Photography


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