TearSheet PDX shoots in Pacific City, OR

TearSheet PDX based in Portland, OR, is an on-line and published magazine that offers a supportive, curated outlet, for all artists inspired to create beauty, art, and style in fashion.

This week, the magazine came to Pacific City, Oregon and shot on location. I was one of the designers featured. Editor-in-chief, Melanie Jackson graciously offered me an image to share with you as a sample of what is to come in the next issue of TearSheet PDX magazine.

This image was captured through the lens of Bruce Girton while at Cape Kiawanda. The Hooded Shawl and Cape echo the ocean color and waves. Model Oksana Bell strikes her pose with Haystack Rock in the background. Many thanks to Melanie Jackson for her artful energy and vision that made this all happen. It has been so exciting to have my work represented this way. It takes wearing handwoven to a new level.

Stay tuned for the next issue of TearSheet PDX. Look for more of The Oregon Weaver handwoven designs there.



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