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Exciting news to share this month! TearSheetPDX magazine is coming to the beach for a photo shoot! Soon a posse of long legs and lovely looks will arrive in Pacific City and under the direction of Melanie Jackson and through the lens of Bruce Girton, magic is about to happen.

I have my own Project Runway happening in the studio. I have been designing, cutting and sewing for size 2 and size 4 for this shoot.

Most of the work I do is custom; made for you. I design for size 2 through size 4x. Often I hear from customers that they have trouble finding clothes for their size. My custom pieces become their go-to pieces in their wardrobes. Needless to say, this month I will have a good selection of small sizes as I prepare for the photo event.

July, also, has me appearing at 2 Northwest art fairs.

July 19-21 Salem Art Fair, Salem, OR

July 26-28 Bellevue ARTSFair, Bellevue, WA

See you soon!


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