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Can The Right Fabric Make You Calmer?

It seems incredulous to think about but what we wear often has as much of an influence on our mood and behavior as whether or not we had breakfast or our day is going well. Living on the Oregon Coast, I know a little something about the calm that the ocean can bring to our senses. But when I met clients who were Clinical Psychologists at "Art in the Pearl", I learned a little more than I expected.

The touch, color, and design of my garments can change behavior. My clients use my handwoven chenille garments "to deescalate a hostile client".

Amazing to hear this!

The colors and textures in my fabrics evoke a friendly response. The wearer is perceived as friendly and approachable. The texture of the chenille compels people to touch it or offer a hug.

I have had two women running for political office wear my handwoven jackets as they campaigned. Again, people considered them approachable and were more likely to trust them.

What a powerful force this fabric has!

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