the One-of-a-Kind Collection

Special Pieces

All work, made one at a time, has a story behind it.

Certain pieces are special owing to handwoven cloth techniques.

Oregon Weaver One of a Kind

The “Woman with Steel” series


This coat is part of an Armor series titled “Women with Steel”. The jacket is soft to the touch, but steel underneath. The blood-red lining is symbolic of the feminine and of passion. The wire is recycled surplus wire and refers to the strength it takes to make one's way in the world.

Both jacket and coat are chenille with wire (tin/copper alloy) woven into the fabric. Free motion quilting was used with the handwoven fabric, polyester lining fabric, and silk batting. Fused glass buttons. 

These are statement pieces.

Woman with Steel Jacket

Oregon Weaver one of a kind

Woman with Steel Coat

Oregon Weaver one of a kind

Flutter Jacket with Pin Tuck Design

Pin tuck details are used to create texture in this piece. Karen creates branches, twigs and leaves on the jacket back with small details carrying over to the front. Each piece is unique.

Midnight Steel Coat

Oregon Weaver one of a kind

New Red Threads

Thread lace was made by unreeling cones and cones of sewing thread and then was quilted together. The thread and stitches add a nice contrast to the woven fabric.

Special Projects

Oregon Weaver one of a kind

Wine making and natural dyes have some things in common. Both processes unlock the chemistry of plants. This wine label was a collaboration with winemaker neighbor, Jim Seufert, at the coast. He brought parts from the grape plants and they were used to create natural dye which was used for the silk in a scarf. The photo was then used for a special blended white wine from the Seufert Winery in Dayton, OR.

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