Workshops for any weaver
1. Practicing Design Decisions: a workshop exercise
This is a warm-up-exercise workshop for handweavers that want to add to their design skills. Using only trash bags, an inexpensive material to experiment on, and scissors, we create a garment for our models. Based on the simple format of a trash bag, we decide what to do for, necks, arms and legs, and we get extra points for embellishment. Some review of techniques used in other cultures will be discussed for inspiration. Cutting, taping and laminating plastic bags are the only techniques used in this exercise.
Workshop will take 1 to 3 hours with a fashion show of designs after the  session. Participants pair up as designer and model​ and collaborate. Fee: $300 plus lodging, meals and travel costs. Materials fee $25.

2. Slide show and PowerPoint Presentation:
This lecture introduces “The Oregon Weaver” with her unique handwoven designs from the Pacific Northwest.
Work featured are garments, scarves and shawls. Talk covers her process from inspiration to design.
Presentation will take 1 to 1 -1/2 hour with examples of work.
Fee: $200 plus lodging, meals and travel costs.

3. Cut and Sew your own handwoven jacket workshop:  This is a 2 or 3 day workshop for weavers who want to cut and sew their own jacket.This is an intense 2 or 3 day experience to design and sew with handwoven cloth. It explores pattern layout, individual fit issues, and creative design solutions. Participants layout, cut and sew their own custom garment with my supervision. Having their own yardage is a prerequisite. They need to bring a pattern they want to use and sewing machines. Workshop would require tables and chairs for several several sewing machines and tables to cut fabric.

Fee: $500 a day plus meals and lodging and travel cost. Materials fee: $30 which includes pellon and interfacing.






Unique Designs from the Pacific Northwest