Custom Made

Most of my work is custom made to order for you. I make samples to take to the shows. Then we can try different styles and look at color. In preparation for the shows, I weave a lot of cloth, cut a few samples, then wait to cut the rest of the cloth until I meet my customer. My experience has taught me that we are quite diverse in our shapes. Some have small shoulders but need a little extra width at the hip, Some are tall with extra long arms. Issues like this are best addressed when I am cutting the cloth.

When an order is placed, there is an agreement to sign. In addition to notes, addresses and contact information, a non-refundable deposit is required. Basically, once I cut the cloth, you are on your way toward owning a handmade garment. No refunds without prior approval. Payment in full before the piece is shipped. I do my best to get the piece just right for you.

Restoration Services

These garments will last. So with the purchase comes a service to maintain the garment. Some of my clients have had their jackets for years and have traveled around the world in them. Some have had significant weight loss and still want to wear their favorite handwoven coat. I have been this business long enough now that I offer a Restoration Service. For a fee, I will clean the piece, make alterations, repair and restore the piece as well as I can. It is like having a brand new piece!


Unique Designs from the Pacific Northwest