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I-84 headed East
I-84 headed East

News and Views

June marks the beginning of art fair season traveling for outdoor fairs. Preparation for these shows involves not only new,fresh inventory but also making sure everything that is needed for an outdoor show is packed in the van. The goal is to only pack what you need… but have everything you need! Being prepared for wind, rain, hot or cold conditions means bringing extra equipment. It all has to be artfully packed into the vehicle.

The picture on the left is a landmark for me. It means I am headed East on Interstate 84 for an art fair in the Mid-West.


Mammy Ret quilt
Mammy Ret quilt

American Quilter magazine has published an article I wrote on Mammy Ret’s quilt. My friend bequeathed this textile gem to me along with copies from the pages of the family history. The quilt tells a remarkable story.         Look for it in the March 2016 issue.


The Oregon Weaver in the Midwest
2015 Fall shows

Benchmark Award—definition: a standard from which all others can be measured. I was honored to receive this award this morning from Art in the Art in the High Desert. Thank you, Dave and Carla Fox, for creating a show where we can put our best foot forward. It is a pleasure to be here.

Benchmark Award 2015



Benchmark Award

Best of the Northwest booth
Best of the Northwest booth

Outdoor Booth


Art Fair Tales


Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis, MO

Award of Excellence What an honor to receive this!


Old Capitol Art Fair, Springfield, Illinois

First Place Fibers 2014   My sister joined me for this event. Sisters together can do anything! Yes, we set up in the rain and that was kinda hard but the award warmed the heart and the hard work was quickly forgotten. Thank you, Springfield!


Art in the Park, Columbia, Missouri

First Place Fibers    I think handweaving is catching on! Thank you, Columbia!2013-09-28 14.01.08-1

Best of Show, Lincoln, NE

It’s magic, you know….


As a creative person, I have always wanted my work to be out in the world. Not just seen by a few, but seen by many so that the beauty can be shared. This is why I choose to create wearable art as opposed to gallery art. The warps I design are color stories that spring from my experiences. The weft is often chenille because it compels people to touch or hug it.

There are many stories to share about customers who have bought my work. Some were running for political office. They wore their handwoven jacket and found that people responded in a friendly way to them. They were approachable. Some customers were clinical psychologists. They said there was no question that the texture of the cloth changed the demeanor of their hostile clients. Another young woman had a job interview. She wore her new jacket and it gave her the confidence that got her the job. One young woman is on a spiritual path. She chose a subtle color well suited to her. This colorway was created during a period of profound grief but now resonants on a joyful journey. The work I create is my own way of putting love back in the world.
It’s magic you know…..DABxsaX2o5s-2

Manzanita Coat

Fiber Art Now, a quarterly print and digital magazine featuring contemporary fiber arts and textiles, called for fiber artists to submit images for a competition called, “Excellence In Fibers 2016.”

My Manzanita Coat will be published in the Fiber Art Now, and a gallery exhibition will be held at New Bedford Art Museum in New Bedford, MA, Jan 25th-March 19th, 2017.

The exposure in print, digital, and in exhibition is the next step in my journey, and I am honored to be chosen.


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