Artist Statement

Artist Statement for The Oregon Weaver

I use hand looms to create woven pieces of wearable art inspired by the Oregon Coast. The work begins with telling a woven story. I watch the wind on the river, then capture the pattern in my cloth. The changing hues of the ocean depths teach me to use subtle color undertones. The warp resonates with color. The weft interacts finding the color harmonies. Like a sculptor, I then assess the variations of the human form to design, cut, and sew handwoven jackets and scarves.

Using as many as twenty different colors yarns, I stand at the warping board and intuitively develop the color gradations from one edge to the other. As I weave, the loom beats in time with the rhythm of the waves nearby and the sound of the human heart.

Wearable art.  Inspired by the Oregon Coast.  Handwoven with sea breezes and the rhythm of the waves.


Edges are important to weavers. Good, even edges are a sign of mastering the craft. Now, I add another edge to my handwoven cloth.


I will strive to bring beauty into the world as tribute to my Mother (1924-2012) and Father (1924-2010).


Unique Designs from the Pacific Northwest